Glasses - Dr. Who


Okay, so, I finally did it. I made an Icon journal. I realized how many icons I have on my computer, and how many I have deleted. With this i relizes; "Holy shit I make to many icons...". So, Alas this is what happend. *nods*.

It will all be Public, so any one will be able to watch and see the updates.

If you want to use any of the icons, feel free just make sure to creit me, or focons on your icons page.

Oh, and the name, what the fuck is it? You may just ask, well I guess I should tell you. Its very simple you see, I thought FooD(being me) and Icons (being the thing this journal is made for) and slashed them together. focons... simple eh^___^ </lame>

Any way! Thats all for my first entry, I will be updating sooner or later... right now, its 4:30 am I a think I might try to sleep before it becomes Crazy hot outside once again.